Go Eco at Bliss Books & Gifts

Since the discussion of eco-friendly products has gone through the roof with new legislation around single-use plastic bags, we decided it was time to ask our resident sustainable product expert which products were the best. 

Bliss Books & Gifts stock a whole range of great sustainable products, most made in Australia at great value for money.


Here's what Louise from Bliss Books & Gifts had to say about the sustainable products available in store and which are her favourites;

What types of sustainable products does Bliss Books & Gifts stock?

Eco shopping bags (brands: Ever Eco, Project Ten, Annabel Trends)

Metal and bamboo drinking straws, reusable cutlery (sets from Cutlery Carriage, also bamboo)

Reusable coffee cups from Keepcup and Joco and “designer” pottery ones from Robert Gordon Australia

Beeswax wraps (used in place of plastic wrap)

Beeswax candles (the most environmentally friendly/pure candles available)

Have you seen an increase in popularity of these products recently?

Definitely! Especially shopping bags and straws.

Which sustainable product could you not live without?

Keepcup for my morning coffee!

Which brands would you recommend?

Keepcup, Ever Eco straws and Annabel Trends roll up bags as they fit in your handbag so that you don’t have to remember to get them out of the back of the car.

Why do you think these products are important?

Every little bit that we all do contributes to reducing plastic.

What motivates you to be eco-friendly?

Seeing the horror stories about the state of the ocean, watching "War on Waste" and being a parent.

What advice would you give to people who are considering switching to more sustainable products?

It doesn’t take long to change your habits and the planet and your children will thank you.


So there you have it, now is the time to go green! Make the switch today by visit Bliss Books & Gifts! They will be sure to help you find what you're looking for.