Top 10 Eco Products

Bliss Books & Gifts have a huge range of sustainable and reusable products to help you help the environment.


Here are our Top 10 Eco picks, all available from Bliss Books & Gifts;

1. The Classic Keepcup. Perfect for your morning, midday and afternoon coffee. Not only are you saving the environment but you will also save money on coffee!

8oz $14.95  |  12oz $16.95

2. Fun Reusable Straws. These metal ones from Ever Eco and super trendy. We think they keep the drink nice and cold too!

From $8.95

3. The item of the hour, Reusable Shopping Bags! Plenty of designs to choose from some foldable others, like these, roll up.

From $14.95


4. Robert Gordon Pottery Carousel Cups. Very artsy, each with an individual design.



5. Cutlery Carriage. Picnic perfect or well just about anywhere perfect! Use your cutlery from home and travel anywhere.



6. Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery with Carry Case! Super affordable and just so clever. Why didn't we think of this?!


7. Our Favourite Beeswax Wraps! These save so much waste, you'll never have to buy a roll of cling wrap or zip lock bags again. Magic!

From $22 Pack

8. More Reusable Bags, only patterned! Project Ten Eco Bags are huge and lightweight, what more could you want?



From $14.95


9. Modern JOCO Glass Cup. Super sleek and perfect for the office. The best reusable cup to drink from!

12oz $29.95

10. Bamboo Drinking Straws from Ever Eco. These are biodegradable and naturally anti-bacterial! Pretty cool.


From $8.95



Bliss Books & Gifts stock all of these wonderful items, visit them to see the full range and get your hands on the above!