October Sweet Treats

Trick or treat!

We all know when we say ‘trick or treat’ what we really mean is treat- because who doesn’t love a good sweet?


We think that everyone should be able to enjoy the Halloween sweets tradition- not just the kids- so we broke down the best dessert & sweet options at The Barracks.


When the lights dim and the witching hour is upon us it is not uncommon to crave a sweet treat; Something chocolatey and crunchy yet smooth and creamy. The perfect solution to this hunger to ensure the beast inside remains tame could be a choctop from Palace Cinemas or churros and chocolate sauce from Moda.


If you are not one to bat your eyes at something too sweet, then maybe fresh banana beignets from Libertine are the perfect compromise, where you can embrace the life of the  ghost of a 1900s frenchman, or woman. But, if beignets aren’t quite the crux of choice, than maybe a spiced apple strudel from The Bavarian could be your saviour.


Now, some people would say savoury deserts are a ghastly thing, but we might just be able to change their minds; Because, we would say that the mitarashi dan-go from Sushi Edo is to die for!


We do have to think of the kids once again and Coles is the perfect place to do this. From their chocolate and lolly packs to the bowls that will hold them, it is the perfect Halloween one-stop-shop to make sure your that your celebrations aren’t spooky for all the wrong reasons.

Happy Halloween!

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