How To Support Local!

Supporting local is super important to building a solid and connected community. It’s great to consider the benefits of spending your hard-earned money and where it will go. Spending money locally will help stimulate the local economy and support independently owned businesses within the community. 

It’s the little things.
A small gesture like buying the person’s coffee who is waiting in line behind you is so simple and could not only make someone’s day but have a vast ripple effect. It doesn’t have to be money-based; something simple like bringing in your neighbour’s bins, mowing their lawn or gifting some homemade cookies will go a long way in helping and brightening someone’s day. 

Food swap.
A food swap is where local community members share homemade, homegrown or foraged foods. On the third Sunday of each month, Rochedale Community Gardens host a Food and Gardening Swap. Fruits, veggies, herbs, jams, seedlings, plants, honey – you name it, you can swap it. Food swaps reduce food waste, particularly of produce that grows abundantly. Food swaps also increase exposure to diverse or unfamiliar produce and build relationships with others in the community. 

Try the menu at a local restaurant for a great meal.
Available for a quick bite before you rush off to the weekend game or a place to relax to good food, wine and live music. Tiger Eye has a great selection of tapas, seafood and meat dishes such as ribs and steak. Tiger Eye’s open mic nights are such a hit and provide an opportunity for the local community to showcase their talent! It’s always a great atmosphere, and it’s always wonderful to see the community showing their support for local artists. 

Donate clothes.
We all love buying new pieces, but there’s never any space to put them! Clean out the items you haven’t worn recently or aren’t gravitating toward anymore. Take Marie Kondo’s advice and express gratitude for your items by thanking them for their service before donating them to your local charity shop. 

Shop local.
Whether you’re freshening up your own home or buying for somebody else, My Little Flower Shoppe is your one-stop shop! Selling not only the most gorgeous flowers, but My Little Flower Shoppe also stocks gifts, including yummy treats such as macarons and cupcakes, candles, alcohol, and wellness products.

Pick up rubbish.
We’re all victims of it, but remember, clean streets are happy streets! If you walk past a piece of rubbish, pick it up. Something that only takes a second of your time has a substantial environmental impact, and it’s crucial near waterways such as the beach or ponds where it significantly affects marine life.

Whether you can only offer a couple of hours fortnightly or a few days a week, there’s something for everyone. Help out local sports clubs, vulnerable people, animals and more in various roles. 

Often the first thought to care for your local community is supporting local businesses. Supporting local is not just supporting local businesses financially; it’s helping the people that call your community home; it’s keeping the environment healthy and setting up for future generations. How will you support local?


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