Cooling Down


We are pretty lucky in Brisbane to be able to enjoy sunny days all year round. But, as we edge into the cooler months of the year, the evenings are chilly and homes are becoming cozy with heaters and fires. 


Some of us love this time of year and find it easy to go about our days, enjoying a brisk sunrise run and a sunset drink by the river. No matter if you feel the chill in your bones or bask in the crisp air, The Barracks has all the goodies required for the mid-year freeze.


As the weather changes and a temperature under 20 degrees becomes the norm (don’t tell the Melbournites), the Summer glow leaves our skin and our skin can become dry and chapped. Check out the Moo Goo range from The Barracks Pharmacy. Moo Goo believes their products not only help people’s skin but they’re products are a way to bond for families. ⁠Bath time turns into unexpected giggles and applying moisturisers can be a fun game, which is especially helpful when the cool air lingers in the bathroom! 


Your private dining opportunity is here. The Wine Room at MODA has been transformed into a private dining room for you and 9 friends. Enjoy the Javier’s Table Experience Menu and sip wine curated to match. MODA has done the work to ensure you can feel cozy and enjoy eachothers company without stress. You can book now by contacting MODA.


It’s easy to feel a bit blue when it’s cold. My Little Flower Shoppe can help to spark joy with their brightly coloured flowers. And the best way to keep your cut flowers fresh is to ensure you: 


  1. Keep them away from heat sources such as heaters and fireplaces
  2. Trim the stems regularly 
  3. Keep the water fresh


With these few tips, you should be able keep your blooms around a lot longer!


There is no better way to warm up than with a nice hot drink. Tiger Eye Bar and Dining know that coffee is absolutely essential, especially for those working from home or homeschooling children, plus, they have $5 bacon and egg rolls 🤩Tiger Eye Bar and Dining are also offering $1 off any coffee purchase when you check in with them on Facebook, how good is that! Read more here.


We know that times are a little different at the moment but by shopping local and using precautions to stay safe, we can come out the other end, together. 



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