Breakfast at The Barracks

The Barracks boasts beautiful dinners, long-lunches and state of the art cocktails. But of course we wouldn’t dare miss the most important meal of the day! From artisan coffee, breakfast favourites and brunch catch ups with friends and family. Welcome to your guide to breakfast at The Barracks, ready for you to indulge and start your days in style:


Introducing our new kid on the block: Cafe Kendricks! Boasting rich coffee beans from Melbourne’s finest Zest Coffee, paired perfectly with indulgent breakfast bites. Our top pick includes the halloumi, pumpkin and egg roll on a milk bun, the perfect start to any day. For an old school favourite turned luxe, try the beans on toast. Baked exquisitely with a mango chutney, seasoned and served on a piece of delicious crusty sourdough bread. With Cafe Kendricks’ new menu, you can’t go wrong.



Beautiful breakfast options are available at our very own Pilgrim by Fogata between 7:30am-11:30am, before the Latin-American fiesta begins at lunch and dinner! A classic, but a favourite for a reason, you cannot go past the undeniable Avo on Toast. Sporting two pieces of fresh sourdough, poached eggs, beetroot hummus and of course, avocado. For a sweet start to the day, a crowd favourite is the delectable Belgian Waffles. Drizzled in vanilla bean ice cream, mixed berry compote and dulce de leche – yum! Carve out a spot in your week for Pilgrim’s breakfast menu, only open on weekdays!



Tiger Eye does all the classics, and they do them extremely well. They’re Big Breakfast is more than just big, it’s filling and scrumptious too! Enjoy your spread of eggs, bacon, hashbrown, sausages, mushroom and two pieces of toast paired with a delicious chutney. Andrea is known for making the best egg and bacon muffin in probably all of Brisbane. We might be biased, but for only $5 when you order a coffee, it’s an absolute steal. No need to fret about paying extra for your soy latte either, Tiger Eye won’t charge for milk alternatives – what a win! 

Dining at night is nice, but start your day right with breakfast at The Barracks. Choose any of these delightful options and you really cannot go wrong! 

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