Back to School at The Barracks


It has officially been a week back at School for the kids, and a week of catchup for the parents. But, if your family is not quite on top of the whole back-to-school thing yet that is completely okay!


Have you found yourself sending the kids off and questioning how their hair used to stay up in those cute little pigtails, or how you tamed that pre-summer mane? That’s ok, time flies when they’re having fun! Make sure your child is the coolest kid on the block, and not the teacher’s post-playtime nightmare with a booking at one of the talented hairdressers at Jessica James, or barbers at Jimmy Rods.


If you were one of the lucky parents that found themselves in front of the metaphorical ball, then these lunchbox snack hacks courtesy of Coles might be just what you need for Term 1. Our first biggest tip is to create a snack station! This one is particularly helpful for the older kids who are known to complain about getting the same snacks day in and day out. Set up a section of your pantry and fridge with pre-cut and portioned fruit and veggies, single packs of chips, shapes, bars and bites and allow 1 snack from the fridge and 2 from the pantry every day. Another helpful quick tip,  especially during those hot and humid days, is to freeze your kid’s water bottles with a bit of water in them overnight so they stay cool all day!


At the end of the day, back to school is a busy time for everyone and as long as they are in their uniforms with a packed lunch each morning, you’ve done your jobs. If you ask us the best way to celebrate your job well done is a celebratory cocktail at Libertine


Cheers to surviving the first weeks of Term 1!


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